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Du hast keine Lust mehr, deine Songs nur deinen eigenen vier Wänden vorzuspielen oder deine Band hat sich aufgelöst aber du willst unbedingt weiter Musik machen? Finde hier Leute auf deiner Wellenlänge und gründe mit ihnen eine Band oder steige in bestehende Projekte ein.

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  • J-R am
    07.12.2023 - 22:40

    Wanna fckng sing!

    Grunge/Punk/Thrash/Rock Searching for an project with lot of energy & fun! Send me some demos plz! Can send you some of my projects! english/german
  • vocal_Indie am
    07.12.2023 - 14:34

    FLINTA Indie Band - Git, Bass, Drums, Keys

    Heyy! Ich (32, Vocals) möchte eine FLINTA Indie Band gründen und suche momentan noch an allen Instrumenten. Wichtig ist mir eine kreative und freundschaftliche Atmosphäre, sowie regelmäßige Proben,…
  • RockstarBln am
    06.12.2023 - 10:39

    Drums and Bass wanted for Symphonic Metal

    Hi there, we are Dying Phoenix - Symphonic Metal from Berlin. We are searching for a new Drummer and a new Bass Player. We have an international record deal with El Puerto Records, distributed…
  • Lio_31 am
    05.12.2023 - 21:40

    Bassist/guitarist looking for a band/…

    hey, I'm Lio. I am an American teenager living in Berlin. I play bass and guitar. I'm really interested in indie/punk-type music kind of like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, or black flag…
  • aliciarob1 am
    05.12.2023 - 03:28

    Female lead vocalist

    hey I’m a lead vocalist from the uk. I am a jazz and soul singer but also not limited to this as I sing indie rock also. I am also a song writer. If you’re interested I can send over some demos of my…
  • J.RgW am
    04.12.2023 - 16:19

    Gitarrist*in für Black Metal gesucht!

    Hallo, wir sind eine schon bestehende Avantgarde Black Metal Band aus Berlin. Wir treten regelmäßig in und außerhalb Berlins auf und arbeiten derzeit an unserer zweiten Veröffentlichung (EP). Wenn…
  • Scaramouche94 am
    04.12.2023 - 11:22

    Singer looking for a guitarist/…

    Hello! I'm a singer and I'm ready to dive into an acoustic project filled with covers, laid-back jam sessions, and eventually the creation of our own music. My singing style has been…
  • HannesM am
    01.12.2023 - 13:46

    Bassist+Vox Needed! 🤘

    Looking for a FLINTA bassist and potentially backing-vocalist (no must) to join our Blues Punk band project. Ideally you wanna be an active creative member and co-write and co-create with us.…
  • Christian Storr am
    30.11.2023 - 10:29

    Ska Band in Gründung

    Zweite Gitarre, Bläser, Gesang, gesucht für Ska Band. Sind Ü 40 aber offen für alle Altersgruppen. Anfänger willkommen, vorausgesetzt man mag SKA Reaggae und vor allem den Groove. Hast Du…
  • Anne Isakowitsch am
    29.11.2023 - 19:10

    Looking for guitarist for new…

    Hi, We’re Caro (vox), Faé (bass) and Anne (drums) and want play some punk music together. We’ve previously been in bands called gegenüber and bathtub theory We‘re looking for a guitarist (…
  • am
    29.11.2023 - 11:01


    hi, are you a singer/singst du? you do your own lyrics and melodies/mit eigenen Texten und Melodien? do you enjoy being on stage/bist du gern auf der Bühne? then you might want to join us/…
  • jnes am
    27.11.2023 - 23:09

    Bassist and Songwriter seeks…

    Experienced recording and touring alternative metal and rock bassist, songwriter and singers seeks band to join or musicians to form. I live in the UK but am willing to travel for the right band…
  • Bassrobbe am
    25.11.2023 - 16:56

    Bassist looking for Post-Punk/Noise-Rock…

    Hi there! Anyone interested in forming a Post-Punk/Noise-Rock Project a la IDLES or DITZ? I am playing bass for over 20 years now and have my own gear. Looking forward to hearing from you! Cheers!
  • holod am
    23.11.2023 - 18:04

    Death Metal Band Looking For One Drummer!

    We would like to know if there are drummers in this city who are willing and able to play Death Metal? Or are there only those who want to play boring indie, alternative, post-punk, and similar…
  • punkfloydx am
    22.11.2023 - 20:53

    Bass guitarist looking for a band!

    Hi, I'm Piotr (34M), bass guitar player, looking for a band! I would like to play post-punk, indie, shoegaze, dream-pop, garage, psych, stoner, or basically anything that could qualify as…
  • Dahle am
    22.11.2023 - 16:40

    Vocals & Bass needed for Black Metal…

    Hi All 🤘🏻, We (Drums and 2x Guitar) are looking for a Black Metal Vocalist and a Bassist to complete our lineup. We have a studio on the horizon and 3 songs already created. Black Metal / Post…
  • hendraixxer am
    21.11.2023 - 20:54

    New Shoegaze Band looking for Drummer…

    Hey! We (m20 lead guitar) and my Friend (m25 rythm guitar) are looking for a bassist and a drummer, possibly vocalist to form a new Band. We're intermediates with a bit of live and band…
  • Finnex am
    21.11.2023 - 09:06

    Producer searching for rapper/singer

    Im a german Producer and looking for someone, who is interested in a collab. If you are a rapper or a singer, interested in high quality beats. Just Dm me :) Have a nice day, Finnex
  • Salman Sana am
    20.11.2023 - 22:36

    Looking for vocalist who can growl…

    Hi, Our band is looking for a vocalist who can sing melodic and aggressive (growls/screams) where/when needed We have the following - Demos - Instrumental - Motivation and Discipline - Jam room with…
  • stelth am
    20.11.2023 - 15:17

    Bass looking for Drums and Guitar

    Hello there, I‘d love to start a three-piece Band in the Punk/Noise field. Shellac, Unsane, Metz as point of reverence. Can do Vocals if necessary, Shouting/ Screaming. I have Access to a…
  • ludovan am
    20.11.2023 - 14:51

    Looking foa bass player!

    Hi! Our band is looking for a bass player based in Berlin. Style: post punk, dark wave, deathrock Does not have to be a pro but some live and studio experience would be appreciated. Listen to our…
  • hcw am
    19.11.2023 - 18:33

    E-Bassist sucht Mitspieler (Jazz, Latin)

    Nach sehr langer Pause habe ich vor einigen Jahren meinen fretless E-Bass wieder hervorgeholt und spiele seitdem in der Begleitung eines Bandoneon Ensembles (Tango, Folk, Jazz u.a.). Darüber hinaus…
  • timboslice am
    19.11.2023 - 11:32

    Vocalist/Guitarist/Producer looking for a…

    Moved to Berlin a year ago and now on a mission to start a band. I've previously produced some music, including one track for my own Spotify where I did all the bits for: https://open.spotify.…
  • gandrlu am
    15.11.2023 - 14:34

    Gitarre für Groove Death Punk…

    Moin, wir suchen eine 2. Gitarre und machen deutschsprachigen, groovigen Metal mit Death und Punk-Einfluss. Wir sind zwischen 26-38 Jahre alt und haben uns frisch gegründet. Proberaum ist Nähe…
  • jsteph am
    15.11.2023 - 12:08

    Guitarist looking for band and/or…

    Hey, I am a 29 (m) intermediate level guitarist. I'm looking to play music with people. I would love to start or join a band, but just playing music together is a great start. I would like to…
  • j_hi am
    15.11.2023 - 11:34

    looking for a bass player (*any gender/…

    hello, we‘re a post-rock-duo; guitar/synth/voice (a person) + drums/e-drums (non-binary person). we‘re searching for a bass-player who is: -into the flow of post-rock sound -reliable/committed…
  • Tina P am
    14.11.2023 - 18:20

    Band looking for a Drummer

    Garage/Psych/Grunge Band seeking a drummer available for rehearsals and gigs.
  • 333.pau am
    14.11.2023 - 14:31

    Female Vocalist looking for a Band!

    hihi! My name is Pauline, I’m 16 and I’m from Munich, Germany! I’m looking for a hard rock/punk/rock band, where I can sing ;) hope to get some messages! Feel free to write me <3
  • soundslikeandrej am
    14.11.2023 - 03:29

    Synth player / backing vox needed

    Hi. My name is Andrej. I am searching for a synth player for my music project. I write and produce songs while my friend takes care of the bass parts. Currently we play live as a duo with my…
  • softblack am
    13.11.2023 - 19:46

    Sänger*Innen gesucht

    Hey, wir (Ben, Julia, Leon) suchen einen Sänger/eine Sängerin zwischen 20 und 30. Wir haben keinen professionellen Anspruch, wollen auch nicht von der Musik leben, aber hätten Lust auf Gigs und…
  • Dangario am
    13.11.2023 - 17:49

    Metal Gitarrist gesucht

    Heavy Metal Band aus Berlin sucht Lead Gitarristen mit langjähriger Live- und Studio-Erfahrung. Weitere Infos per Mail.
  • nilshaala am
    12.11.2023 - 19:30

    Looking for…

    We are 3 people (bass, two guitars) looking for an ambitious drummer to complete our lineup. We have been playing together since the beginning of this year, writing songs and now rehearse 2/3 times…
  • Alexander_T_P am
    12.11.2023 - 19:18

    Beginner Drummer (& singer) looking to jam…

    I'm a student who just arrived in Berlin, and wants to start playing music again ! I was in a band a long time ago, but haven't played much since then, so I'm looking to start jamming…
  • Leela_10 am
    12.11.2023 - 12:23

    Singer looking for Band /…

    Hello, am Leela, a passionate vocalist (25 years), I recently relocated to the eclectic city of Berlin to pursue my studies. Armed with a diverse musical palette, I am on the lookout for a band or…
  • Nisio am
    11.11.2023 - 18:35

    Bassist looking for a Black Metal project

    Hi Everyone! Looking for a black metal project to join or to start. Please don´t hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Hope to hear you soon.
  • Crash am
    10.11.2023 - 19:17

    Crossover Thrash

    Drummer in search for people who play palm-muted E all the time. Let’s develop some riffs to start a band. I like POWER TRIP, MUNICIPAL WASTE and also FUGITIVE and my new favorite is INHUMAN NATURE.…
  • Guthrie am
    10.11.2023 - 10:11

    Drummer seeks guitar

    Drummer has small home studio in Wedding looking for guitarist to record and have fun. No live playing. Post punk influences. Thanks for your reply.
  • Yhpar am
    09.11.2023 - 12:22

    Dekadenza is looking for a Metal Drummer

    Hi Guys! We need a Metal Drummer! Gigs planned & Album recording ahead! Check out our music here: Can't wait for your messages! cheers!
  • massesmaddyyy am
    08.11.2023 - 22:00

    Singer looking for musicians/band

    I’m a 22 year old singer from the UK, ans I’ve been living in Berlin for 3 years now. I’m finally looking for musicians to jam with, make music with, and vibe :) my preferred genres are RnB neo-funk…
  • alejandro.vilchespino am
    08.11.2023 - 13:38

    Beginner keyboard player searching for…

    Beginner keyboard player (1 year playing) searching for a band. I have a rehearsal room for free in the Ostbahnhof area. My preferred styles are pop (80s synth pop and top40), instrumental music and…
  • obetoferreira am
    07.11.2023 - 10:33

    Bass player looking for Gigs

    (Deutsche Version unten) I'm a Bass player with live experience in Funk, Blues, Pop, Rock, and Brazilian music. I can offer really good quality equipment and a lot of commitment. I also…
  • Ariane am
    07.11.2023 - 10:04

    Female vocalist looking for…

    Hi ! My name is Ariane, I come from Paris, aged 21, recently moved to Berlin to pursue my studies. Having left my neo-soul/covers band behind, with whom I'd prepped all throughout last year…
  • Simeon am
    06.11.2023 - 23:08

    TIED APART sucht Bass, Drums und Vocals

    [English below] Hey, Wir die Band TIED APART ( Modern Symphonic Death Metal ) streben an in Zukunft Live aufzutreten. Bisher war die Band nur ein Online/Studioprojekt doch ich habe mich dazu…
  • rutto am
    06.11.2023 - 13:11

    Guitarist on the search for a Band

    Guitarist searches new band Punk Rock / Rock n Roll for the likes of Social Distortion,Generators,Throw Rag and so on Loads of material available
  • Tim Lindberg am
    06.11.2023 - 01:27

    Drummer wanted

    Hey, we are BORN A REBEL, a nu metal band from Berlin. We are searching for a new drummer for steady rehearsals, gigs in and outside of Berlin & of course videos. Someone who can play the…
  • Stef.Ch am
    05.11.2023 - 10:57

    Drummer looking for other musicians

    Experimental, Funk, Garage, Kraut, Noise, Afrobeat etc. – I am looking for open minded musicians who are not committed to a certain style of music but like to experiment. I can imagine to form a band…
  • Berfusra am
    04.11.2023 - 23:08

    Singer/Songwriter(25) looking…

    Hey people! I'm a singer/songwriter and I also play some guitar and ukulele. I'm looking for a band, so bass, guitar and drums, keys. But the more the merrier! Hit me up if you think we…
  • a am
    04.11.2023 - 18:52

    Suche Gitarristen Looking for a guitarist

    Singer is looking for a guitarist to jam, write songs and play gigs. Influence and direction is 80s/90s rock music. Age 25-35 +/-