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Du hast keine Lust mehr, deine Songs nur deinen eigenen vier Wänden vorzuspielen oder deine Band hat sich aufgelöst aber du willst unbedingt weiter Musik machen? Finde hier Leute auf deiner Wellenlänge und gründe mit ihnen eine Band oder steige in bestehende Projekte ein.

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  • Thomas_Regenhard am
    14.04.2024 - 13:16


    This is Thomas, I am a music producer focusing on Indie / Singer-Songwriter / Pop / Rock / Folk – currently I am building up a portfolio and looking for co-ops, not just "orders/jobs". If…
  • chrischrischris am
    13.04.2024 - 19:32

    someone who like to sing

    we are looking for a person who can sing and like to do some poppunk, alternative, indie shit. New band (drummer, bass, guitar) trying to do some cool stuff.. we aren't rookies. some experience…
  • glacier_renard am
    13.04.2024 - 19:19

    Looking for pianist to play 21 pilots…

    I am a beginner singer / rapper looking for a pianist who could practice with me perform 21 pilots covers. This would also involve creating together piano arrangements for some of their songs!
  • DanL am
    07.04.2024 - 13:47

    Looking for a photographer/art designer¿

    Looking for a person who can co-work on album cover. I suppose you’d have photographer skill , skill in working on photography with computer, wish for creating and free time I guess. Already have…
  • AleksandraG. am
    06.04.2024 - 16:53

    looking for a guitarist and a drummer

    Hi! our rock band (pop rock, punk rock, grunge rock, etc…) is looking for a second guitarist (rhythm) and a drummer. We are a new band and our main goals are to write our own songs and perform from…
  • umuttaylanov am
    05.04.2024 - 16:06

    Looking for a DRUMMER and…

    Hey we are a newly formed Rock Band consists of a bassist(29m), e-guitarist(25m) and keyboard(37m) planning to play mainly rock song covers of for example Rush, The Cure, Nirvana, Tears for Fears,…
  • KarstenImExil am
    04.04.2024 - 17:22

    Drummer looking for Band

    Hallo Ihr Lieben Ich (Wahlberliner, Endvierziger, Drummer) suche Cover-, Top40-, Gala- oder Jazzband im Raum Berlin. Meine absolute Wohlfühlzone liegt im Bereich Funk&Soul, also alles von Ray…
  • FallingIntoMadness am
    03.04.2024 - 23:46

    DrummerIn gesucht Drummer wanted

    Falling Into Madness is looking for a drummer! Pop-Punk-Metal-cover-Band We cover bands like Paramore, Muse, Sum41, System of a Down, Green Day ...
  • csdonini am
    03.04.2024 - 13:44

    KOMODO FOX is looking for a BASS PLAYER

    Hey there, our band ( is looking for a bass player. Requirements: - You have extensive studio & live experience - You can also do backing vocals We have a 60 min…
  • _ellesol_ am
    03.04.2024 - 11:45

    Looking for Session…

    Hi! Im Michelle, singer/songwriter, 29 and looking for people who would love to jam together. I do have a lot of song ideas that I am trying to find the right people to work with as well. So if you…
  • Obliterator am
    03.04.2024 - 11:10

    2nd Guitarist

    Greetings I am searching for professional guitarist for a semi-professional Death metal band ( KHNVM ). The person must be committed to play 3 tours each year ( 7 to 10 days ) and bring alot of…
  • Tom_Noisy am
    02.04.2024 - 22:32

    Looking for Dark Electro/…

    We're a two-piece ^electronic project^, looking for acts to join us at concerts in Berlin. You should sound like genres mentioned above and not be an one man laptop act. We have contacts to…
  • pidumenk am
    02.04.2024 - 01:14

    Guitatist is looking for a band in Berlin

    Hi there! My name is Pavel. I am a musician who plays guitar professionally. In addition, I graduated from a music school with guitar and piano. I work as IT enginner, but do want to make music not…
  • Jain am
    02.04.2024 - 00:08

    Working on an experimental guitar +…

    Hey y'all, I am a originally a drummer since many years, songwriting on guitars since a few . Berlin adds a beautiful and exciting dimension to my sound. I'm happy to welcome a 1.…
  • Crash am
    01.04.2024 - 16:51

    Crossover Thrash

    Drummer and guitarist in search for second guitar player who plays palm muted E all the time. Let’s develop some riffs together to form a band. Inspirations are POWER TRIP, MUNICIPAL WASTE and…
  • Guthrie am
    31.03.2024 - 23:48

    Drummer seeks guitarist for noise…

    Drummer with home recording setup looking for solid, reliable guitarist who can write and record songs from quiet to loud. Mid-tempo to fast. Noise/post-punk. Big Black, Mudhoney, Polvo, slint. 2…
  • rutto am
    31.03.2024 - 22:07

    Bass Player wants to join Band

    Bass player,with long time experience in studio and live,would join existing band or growing project. Punk Rock/Rock n Roll NOT interested in Cover Bands and any kind of Pop
  • gnrlmtr am
    28.03.2024 - 15:28

    Drum gear needed

    Hi there, Need to rent for one night on Tuesday, April 2nd: -One crash -One ride -One snare -One kick pedal -One hihat clutch
  • chrischrischris am
    28.03.2024 - 13:28

    Band sucht Sänger/Sängerin

    Guten Tag an alle, drums, gitarre und bass in den 30igern suchen jemanden am mikro, es sollte in die richtung POPPUNK/ALTERNATIVE/INDIE gehen... Grüße Chris
  • Ross_3 am
    27.03.2024 - 23:51

    Singer/Looking for a band!!

    Heyyy I'm Rosana, I'm a singer (and a music student) and I'm looking for a band, just got here! I can do different genres: indie, pop, rnb, rock... I'm up for anything fun! The…
  • mustconfett am
    26.03.2024 - 16:30

    Indie Pop | FLINTA | Neugründung

    Hi! Ich möchte eine Indie-Band gründen und suche nach Leuten an der Gitarre, am Keyboard, Bass und Schlagzeug. Stilistisch geht es für mich in Richtung Haim, The Beaches, Wolf Alice, My Ugly…
  • seamusadms am
    24.03.2024 - 19:39

    Looking for busking partner/s!!!

    Hey hey my name is Seamus (22 year old Aussie) and I am looking for for one or two people to start busking with going into summer ! What I am ideally thinking of doing is a sort of funky 2-3 piece…
  • Merter.sekitmen am
    24.03.2024 - 10:26

    Bassist looking for a band

    Merter here (30 m bass player). I've been playing bass for more than 10 years. Still an amateur. Don't expect fancy virtuoso skills but a solid live and regular rehearsal experience with…
  • chesterkilmister am
    22.03.2024 - 21:46

    E-Guitar player/looking for a Band

    Hi, I'm Ali and i play E-guitar , i love to have a metal band , tbh im tired of playing alone at home , and i like to play in Studio or in acoustic room. So if you want to play music together…
  • ekindeniz am
    22.03.2024 - 10:47

    Project looking for guitarist

    Hi everyone, We’re a new project looking for a guitarist. Right now we have drums, saxophone and bass. We’re open to different influences and genres, but we enjoy playing rock, post-punk, jazz and…
  • Washi am
    21.03.2024 - 21:44

    Another ad looking for a…

    Hi I'm Washi , I make strange music ,I get influence from electronic music, psychedelic ,Industrial and indie rock. Never wanted to stick to one aesthetics only. I'm looking for a drummer…
  • ignaciower am
    21.03.2024 - 19:02


    hey everyone, after a couple of years I am finally wanting to get a band in place and start a project. With me in guitar, keyboards and vocals, I am looking for talented individuals for the…
    20.03.2024 - 12:23

    indie pop artist looking…

    yo! indie pop artist here looking for a guitarist to play and start performing with. drop me a text if you're interested and lets meet up and jam! instagram is probablty the easiest one for all…
  • asteroidkane am
    17.03.2024 - 23:07

    Drummer wanted for Indieband!

    hi everybody, we're looking for a new drummer for our Indie/Postpunk band ASTEROID KANE. Influences include Radiohead, Placebo, Notwist, early REM, Yo la Tengo, etc. Great songs and strummed…
  • am
    15.03.2024 - 09:21


    (see english below) DIE GEGENWART kann ganz schön ernüchternd sein. Kommst du mit in die Achtziger? Hier geht’s um eine neue Band, die so auch hätte in den Achtzigern spielen können, also New Wave,…
  • MikaMex am
    14.03.2024 - 05:58

    Metal Drummer wanted in Munich

    Innovative Metal Band sucht Schlagzeuger / Drummer wanted! Wir sind/We are: Vox, 2x Git & Bass. Wir sind aktiv auf der Suche nach Musikern, die auch Englisch sprechen. We're…
  • Ed Richwood am
    12.03.2024 - 17:28

    Vocal Coaching

    In case you are looking for vocal coaching, I'll have one spot free soon! 20 years of pro-singing, Berklee-trained with cutting-edge techniques. From beginners to pros, learn breathing,…
  • asteroidkane am
    11.03.2024 - 21:53

    DRUMMER (m/f/d) WANTED!

    hi everybody, we're looking for a new drummer for our Indie/Postpunk band ASTEROID KANE. Influences include Radiohead, Lemonheads, Typhoon, The National, early REM, Go-Betweens, Yo la Tengo, etc…
  • Simeon am
    10.03.2024 - 23:03

    Band sucht Sänger/looking for Vocalist

    English below! - - - Hallo! Wir die Band TIED APART suchen nach einem Sänger/Einer Sängerin. Wir spielen modernen Death Metal mit symphonischen Elementen. Es ist egal welches Geschlecht ihr seid…
  • anthonyjp87 am
    10.03.2024 - 19:25

    Looking for producers/composers for…

    Hi! I'm Anthony and I'd like to start a group where we get together every other week and listen to each other's music and have discussion/feedback. Ideally any type of music but I…
  • Salman Sana am
    10.03.2024 - 18:33

    Looking for a Drummer

    Hi, I am looking forward to put a band together. Looking for a drummer who is fluent with double kicks and also is interested in playing odd-time signatures. Demos are available Please drop me a…
  • Salman Sana am
    10.03.2024 - 18:30

    Looking for Vocalist - (Growls and Cleans)

    Hi, i am looking for a vocalist who can sing (cleans) melodic and aggressive (growls/screams) and is also interested in writing lyrics Whatsapp/telegram +49 157 86393058
  • Jupiter am
    09.03.2024 - 19:58

    Bassist wanted

    I write psychedelic songs, play guitar and sing, have a rehearsal room, and until now have been playing and recording with a drummer. We're currently finishing our EP, and then it shall be the…
  • nachne am
    09.03.2024 - 10:52

    new Neosoul band looking for keys

    Hi! We're Maddy (22, voc), Sebastian (36, dr), and Martin (that's me, 34, b) and in the process of starting a band along the lines of Neosoul / RnB. And we'd like to find a…
  • Sloth am
    09.03.2024 - 01:33

    Soulmates für Sludge/Doom/Post-Metal…

    Ich (32) suche Leute für Band-Neugründung in Berlin grobe Richtung: - Doomgaze/Post-Metal (Holy Fawn, Cult of Luna, Planning for Burial oder Grivo) - Sludge/Doom/Stoner (YOB, Pallbearer, Ghost…
  • Drill am
    08.03.2024 - 16:23

    Death Metal band is looking for guitar…

    If you like old-school stuff like Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Entombed etc. (golden era of Death Metal, you know what I mean!) and you can play guitar - message me via reply here for more details. We…
  • alejandro.vilchespino am
    08.03.2024 - 11:54

    Keyboard player searching for band

    Keyboard player searching for a cover band for hobby purposes. Style rock, pop, progressive rock, instrumental. Equipped. I have links to show. *I am interested in original music only if it is…
  • apostrophe am
    07.03.2024 - 23:32

    Drummer looking to play in a band/jam

    Hi all! I'm Antonia, a 32-year-old drummer in Berlin. Looking to join a (my first) band or to find people to jam with. Looking forward to connecting.
  • j.sintax am
    07.03.2024 - 18:38

    Synths/guitar looking…

    (German available). Hey there I’m looking for a band or a person(or two) to play with for fun but also professionally. I already have a couple of personal music project by myself in electronic music…
  • asteroidkane am
    07.03.2024 - 14:39

    DRUMMER (m/f/d) WANTED!

    DRUMMER (m/f/d) WANTED! hey everybody, we're looking for a new drummer for our Indieband ASTEROID KANE. Influences include Radiohead, Lemonheads, Typhoon, The National, early REM, Go-Betweens,…
  • patty hearst am
    06.03.2024 - 08:10

    Emo-/Screamo-Band sucht Schlagzeug

    Moin, wir sind Hand Me Complaints Please und spielen seit 2019 einen Mix aus Emo, Screamo und einer Schippe Punk. Da uns Ende letzten Jahres hintereinander Drummer und Sänger abhanden gekommen…
  • Johnny am
    04.03.2024 - 22:16

    Starting a Thrash Metal Band

    I am looking for Serious People who are young and want to start a thrash metalband! Here's what I bring to the table: Guitar riffing: I've been riffing for years, drawing inspiration…
  • Oguz am
    04.03.2024 - 20:29

    Looking f/ guitarist or…

    Hi! I'm Oguz and I am an intermediate guitar player. I know major/minor chords including different forms and 7 chords too. I know pentatonic minor & major, and harmonic scale, and keep…