Vocal Recording Studio
Vocal Booth with Shelf
Yamaha HS6 und curved Screen
Big Producing Desk
Producing Workstation
Vocal Booth with SM7B
Vocal Recording with Chill Out Lounge
Podcast Studio
Recording Lounge with Lamp
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Raum 4
21 qm
1-4 Personen

This studio is dedicated to all vocalists looking for an easy plug and play option to record vocal tracks or podcasts.
Rent this studio and get up to 3 Shure Sm7b or MV7 with your booking free of charge.

Just bring your laptop and hook up to our sound interfaces and screen. 

(No Computer included)

Monitor Speakers
Yamaha HS6
Audio Interface
Focusrite Scarlet 212
Shure SM7B; MV7
Vocal Booth
Vicoustic Ultra Booth

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