So., 24.03.2024 - 10:26

Bassist looking for a band

Merter here (30 m bass player).
I've been playing bass for more than 10 years. Still an amateur. Don't expect fancy virtuoso skills but a solid live and regular rehearsal experience with many bands before. In a variety of genres from pop to trip hop and to dirty rock
Started playing bass with Jamiroquai than expanded my interest more into acid jazz, neo soul and funky stuff.

Things I enjoy playing nowadays are Vulfpeck and some 80s funk.I've been in bands on more rock side of things like Royal Blood, Arctic Monkeys, Muse and such. Also enjoy playing them still.

Consider myself a good support to already constructed music (for bands looking to colab on new songs) but not very good at improvising. Although open to the idea. Mainly looking for people I can vibe with, having regular rehearsals to build something together and playing live at some point.

Hit me up if you're looking for new band mates. ->
Bassist looking for a band