Sa., 20.01.2024 - 19:58

Looking for musicians to collaborate with

Hey there,
this is Sarp(m) and looking for people to make music with. To have an idea more or less what I do, you can listen to the stuff in the link. I play the guitar and occasionally sing but don't consider myself as a complete singer.

I've been writing music with a friend (who is a singer) the last months but out of time/commitment reasons, we are not together anymore.
I would like to work together both on the existing material and also write new stuff together. There are vocals on some of the songs but I am not just looking for someone to record stuff together so I am open to any edits/changes.

I am sharing a link to the stuff I've done so far. If what you hear is somehow interesting/moving for you, or you think you'd want to contribute to it in anyway, let me know so we can speak/jam!

*I am not the one singing on the songs, I mainly play the guitar


Looking for musicians to collaborate with