Di., 14.11.2023 - 03:29

Synth player / backing vox needed


My name is Andrej. I am searching for a synth player for my music project. I write and produce songs while my friend takes care of the bass parts. Currently we play live as a duo with my friend on the bass and me on the vocals and rhythm guitar. There is an album in the works which also includes drums and a synth line.

Mac DeMarco, Beach House, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Donny Benet

More info:
The plan for live shows is to keep drums on playback and add a person for the synth parts.

Ideally I am looking for someone who is okay with playing my material and adapt to the needs of the songs that are written. I am not against creative input, and am willing to put them on future recordings, but everything needs to work with what I am going for stylistically. A female voice for backing vocals is a big plus.

I am also open to beginner keyboard players, as long as you can do basics like rhythmically playing an extended chord with both of your hands.

The most important thing is that we get along and can be friends. Not interested in session musicians, at least for now.

We are in our early thirties.

Practice is once a week.

Synth player / backing vox needed