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Du hast keine Lust mehr, deine Songs nur deinen eigenen vier Wänden vorzuspielen oder deine Band hat sich aufgelöst aber du willst unbedingt weiter Musik machen? Finde hier Leute auf deiner Wellenlänge und gründe mit ihnen eine Band oder steige in bestehende Projekte ein.

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  • Erich Whittenberg am
    09.08.2021 - 13:55

    18 Year Old Drumer Searching For Band

    Hey, my name is Erich, I'm eighteen and I am looking to join a band. I play the guitar and bass, but would preferably like to be the drummer. I have experience woth playing live and recording…
  • urbannomadberlin am
    09.08.2021 - 13:33

    Drummer for psychedelic project

    Dear Berliner drummers, we're searching for a drummer and/or percussionist to join us in a musical adventure, which we'd currently describe as a psychedelic project, literally and…
  • simon_86 am
    08.08.2021 - 18:42

    Hi there! This is Simon, 34 y/o guitarist. Been in Bands since age 17. I guess my musical journey started a bit with the whole Red Hot Chili Peppers Funkrock Vibe. Now I'm interested in the…
  • Martin011 am
    08.08.2021 - 00:57

    Gitarrist sucht Pop/Rock oder Coverband

    Hey zusammen, Ich suche eine Pop/Rock Band mit eigener Musik, bin aber auch einer Coverband gegenüber aufgeschlossen. Ich spiele seit 12 Jahren Gitarre und besitze bereits Banderfahrung. Ich…
  • Lex E. am
    06.08.2021 - 00:16

    Drummer for Nu-Core band

    Hallo. My name Alex. My NuCore band needs a drummer. We are influenced by artists like Slipknot, Alpha Wolf, Scarlxrd and Cane Hill. If interested, please write back asap to my Guitarist Jonas +49…
  • cigdamn am
    05.08.2021 - 14:05

    I sing!

    Hi there! I’m a 21 year old, female singer :) I would love to find people to write and jam with! Open for anyone! I love indie, alternative, folk, rock music! I have a little tiktok acc (…
  • LevinPeetz am
    04.08.2021 - 00:36

    Rock Singer wanted

    Martin (22 - Bass), Jerry (21 - Guitar), and Levin (21 - Drums) are looking for a male Singer to join a 4-piece Rock Band. The goal is to compose original material, play live shows, produce records,…
  • RocketPichon am
    03.08.2021 - 18:15

    Lead guitar (female) needed!

    Hi there! Our guitarist just moved abroad and so we (a drummer, a bassist and a singer - all women) are looking for a new guitarist (a woman too, preferably) who would be able to start practicing…
  • castrona am
    01.08.2021 - 18:49

    Singer for Latin-Jazz

    Singer in Berlin (m/f) wanted! We have a new project in Berlin: Latin-Jazz. We are looking for a person who wants to participate in a serious project and who can sing in English and Spanish. We…
  • Coquelicot am
    29.07.2021 - 23:15

    Vocalist searches for a band

    Hi there! I'm a semi-pro vocalist looking for band. I've played with couple of bands already, musically ranging from prog rock, metal, glam to grunge. However, as for technique, the…
  • Storrie am
    28.07.2021 - 12:40

    Gitarrist sucht Leute zum…

    ich bin Christian 44. Spiele seit ca 4 Jahren Gitarre, seit einem halben Jahr e Gitarre. habe die Basics jetzt drauf und würde gerne regelmäßig jammen um später eine Band zu gründen. Einflüsse sind…
  • insanus82 am
    26.07.2021 - 15:39

    Rivers of Tar (Post Metal) looking for…

    Hey! Rivers of Tar is a project being born, on the Post BM genre, with some atmospheric elements. Think about Altar of Plagues, Mispyrming, Agalloch and similar. Currently looking for a drummer and…
  • jfeier am
    25.07.2021 - 11:04

    Lets Become The Greatest Band On Earth

    Guitarist, Drummer, Base player and Vocalist wanted - Im a Singer Songwriter and im looking for badass bandmates to take over the world with, I want t eat fruits in the tropics and fall of slopes in…
  • dpereira93 am
    24.07.2021 - 23:56

    Keyboard/Synth player needed

    Pop/Rock band is looking for a keyboard/synth player for concerts. We already have some gigs. Goal is to practice the songs all together to perform them on stage. Original songs in english. Have a…
  • susanne am
    24.07.2021 - 21:54

    trombone player is looking for people to play…

    Hi, I am a hobby trombone player - adult (advanced) beginner, who is looking for people to play with. I’d like to play jazz or blues but am also open for any other kind of music, which needs some…
  • am
    22.07.2021 - 12:38

    alternative musicians

    experienced alternative guitarist (can also play bass, if needed) is looking for creative musicians. idea: form a group, play live, have fun. want to create music together with you, so no covers, no…
  • JoeTyburn am
    22.07.2021 - 10:56

    Drummer available

    Drummer with more than 25 years of int. experience (live & studio) available for touring act, studio work or rockband with goals and balls.... Influences: GNR, The Cult, VR, STP, Motley Crue,…
  • Albin am
    19.07.2021 - 12:32

    Drummer searches bands or…

    Greetings everyone, my name is Albin and I am 25 years old and live in Berlin (Kreuzberg). I am currently searching bands that needs a drummer or musicians to form a band or a project. I have played…
  • Thom am
    19.07.2021 - 07:53

    Drummer /Cajonist /Percussionist is…

    Hello everybody! I am a long time playing/experienced german drummer / cajonist / percussionist, with Mini and Normalo Set, and looking for a band that likes to play with a lot of dynamic, indoor…
  • Lorina001 am
    17.07.2021 - 16:41

    Female Drummer for live gigs wanted

    New ambitious band project is looking for a female drummer to play live. Music is krauty and beat-driven so musicians should be somewhat experienced - the attitude is more important though!…
  • composer030 am
    16.07.2021 - 17:14

    Female singer wanted

    Composer/Producer is looking for a female singer who has ability for writing own lyrics.The style would be pop,rnb,hip hop but not obligated.I am open for any input and ideas.A bunch of tracks are…
  • iloveninamusic am
    15.07.2021 - 16:48

    Looking for a drummer!

    Hey! I'm looking for a Berlin based drummer (male or female) who can play an electronic drum kit, preferably standing up for an established Synthpop act. Shows are already booked for…
  • Gamhe am
    13.07.2021 - 00:40

    Drummer wanted

    Hi, we are a cover band, we all have day jobs, but we are passionate about music and we plays cover from Muse to SRV, from Pink Floyd to Jet and a lot of bands in between. Unfortunately our drummer…
  • Becci Kohlfeld am
    12.07.2021 - 14:21

    Looking for FLINTA Live drummer…

    Heya everyone! We're a Riot Grrrl band from Berlin and we're looking for a FLINTA live drummer at the moment, who we can go on a tour with after the pandemic. We have a full live set…
  • VALE am
    09.07.2021 - 12:19

    Trompeter sucht (Big) Band

    Ich heiße Valentin, 26, spiele seit 20 Jahren Trompete und suche momentan nach einer Big Band. Vordergründlich interesse an Jazz, Funk, Swing, Soul, RnB etc. Hörbeispiel:
  • Armin Krüger am
    07.07.2021 - 14:42

    Guitar looking for a Post…

    Hey I'm 22 years old and playing guitar for 10 years. If you're into bands like Citizen, Movements, Casey, Holy Fawn, Counterparts or even heavier emotional bands and want to start a band…
  • m.eickenhorst94 am
    05.07.2021 - 21:14

    Ambitious 27yo Guitarist/…

    Hi there, ambitious 27yo guitarist/singer looking to either form or join a band. My main jam is classic rock such as gnr, acdc, sabbath, led zeppelin, deep purple, stones dig some…
  • MYMO am
    04.07.2021 - 14:06

    Leed Guitar Needed

    We're MYMO, an Italian, Berlin-based Alternative-progressive rock band. If you are an experienced guitarist between the ages of 27 and 35, and you are ready to commit to a long-term relationship…
  • Entera am
    03.07.2021 - 12:58

    Thrash Metal Solo Gitarrist/in gesucht

    Entera suchen einen Solo Gitarrist/in. Alter usw egal. Stil: alter Thrash Metal, Proberaum in Nürnberg Mehr Infos zur Suche gibts hier:
  • Steph. am
    02.07.2021 - 18:40

    Bassist gesucht von 90s Rock Band

    Hey! Wir gründen grad ne neue Band. Drummer, Gitarre und Gesang (w) sind schon dabei. Jetzt suchen wir noch nen Bassisten. 90s Rock wollen wir spielen: von Aerosmith bis GnR über Cranberries, 4 non…
  • chuck.struggler am
    02.07.2021 - 13:17

    Need drummer

    Hallo we are an established punk / garage band looking for a drummer. needs an intense driving style. someone who hits hard and has a good feel for rock and roll dynamics. female drummers are…
  • bk am
    30.06.2021 - 19:51

    Female singer

    Do you have a good voice, ear for harmony and nice image? Hotel entertainment specialist is hiring. Pro attitude essential, obviously you don't smoke! Legal aspects must be in order. 490€ per…
  • bk am
    30.06.2021 - 19:48


    Sought for hotel and pub entertainment. Styles: pop, rock, soul, blues, folk, country, jazz and reggae. Don't have to be that fast, but groovy is good. Non-smoker, registered and legal. €490…
  • bk am
    30.06.2021 - 19:45

    Pianist or keyboarder

    Sought for hotel entertainment. Pop,rock,folk,soul,blues etc. Harmonies welcome. Non-smoker, registered and legal. 490€ per week. Please send links.
  • bk am
    30.06.2021 - 19:42


    Sought for hotel entertainment. Pop, rock, soul, folk, blues etc. Non-smoker, registered and legal. Please send links. 490€ per week.
  • Iaco_ am
    30.06.2021 - 19:00

    DRUMMER for far-left-oriented Metal…

    Hey! Looking for an experienced drummer (capable of blast beats) to integrate this project (link below). I have 7 songs w/ lyrics done and the aim is to brought them up as a band, studio recording…
  • bk am
    30.06.2021 - 18:45


    Hotel entertainment. Mostly covers. Pop, rock, soul, folk, blues etc. Pros only. Registered and legal. Non-smokers. 490€ per week. Applications must contain links to your work!
  • Echoism am
    29.06.2021 - 00:33

    Looking for electronic musicians

    Looking for collaborators within the realm of experimental/alternative electronic music, specifically producers who are into advanced sound design and sampling. Some of my influences are Autechre,…
  • johannes.wrubel am
    28.06.2021 - 21:14

    Blues Man looking for Brothers in…

    Dear fellow musicians, I am an intermediate guitar player who loves the blues and is looking for other blues guitarists. I'd love to jam and play with you on a loose but regular base. Among…
  • callmeaj am
    27.06.2021 - 16:06

    Singer looking for musicians to jam (R…

    Hi, I'm Anya (26), singer, looking for fellow musicians (other singers, git, piano, bass, drums, etc), to jam with regularly - preferrably Acoustic R&B, Pop, Soul, Ballads but open for…
  • Christian H. am
    24.06.2021 - 21:16

    Lead-Gitarrist/in gesucht

    Wir sind Gravitational und suchen noch einen Lead-Gitarristen oder eine Lead-Gitarristin zum Proben, für gemeinsames Songwriting, Konzerte und für Aufnahmen! Wir haben einen gut ausgestatteten…
  • EllHar am
    23.06.2021 - 22:22

    Guitarist looking to start indie band

    yoo everyone, 27 y/o guitarist looking to start a new musical project now that corona is coming to an end. would like to write own tunes and slowly move into performing, whilst also mainly having…
  • philippl am
    20.06.2021 - 11:08


    Vocalist (30) looking for people to play either in a Band or for busking! I play guitar and sing, mostly folk for myself. I have a loud and rather low bariton voice with a solid range. Trained with a…
  • wouterm am
    18.06.2021 - 11:39

    Looking for a percussionist/drummer/guitar…

    Hi everyone, I just moved back to the city and am up for playing a lot once gigs happen again. I would like to add some rhythm to my songs live and am therefore looking for someone who plays drums/…
  • aliise am
    17.06.2021 - 22:43

    Bassist needed

    Hey. A band (Age around 20-36) that is constantly working on their music and making plans is missing a bass player that would like to be part of our journey. You can hear some of our songs here:…
  • Almar David am
    14.06.2021 - 13:24

    (Punky) Bass Player wanted for live gigs

    We are a professional band with many years of experience and are urgently looking for an enthusiastic (semi) professional bass player for upcoming live gigs! Style: Deathrock, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock…
  • Banoun am
    13.06.2021 - 17:21

    Laute (Oud) Spieler sucht Band

    Ich spiele nach Gehör. Mehr als 10 Jahren Spielerfahrung. Ich bin ganz offen für alle Musikarten mit Ausnahme Rock und Metal. Ich kann keine Noten lesen.
  • robinwilms am
    11.06.2021 - 07:39

    Band looking for BassPlayer/Bassist…

    Bonjour. We are a just-in-the-making band and still looking for someone to join us on the bass! We are playing a mixture from rock to blues to country/folk. If you're interested let us…