Di., 02.04.2024 - 00:08

Working on an experimental guitar + electronic EP

Hey y'all,

I am a originally a drummer since many years, songwriting on guitars since a few . Berlin adds a beautiful and exciting dimension to my sound. I'm happy to welcome a 1.vocalist 2.bassist to join me in my journey, and produce an exciting EP. Also, plans to hit the live set soon. Would love to hear from few interested folks. The set will be a unique interesting one, not a traditional band setup.

Insight :
Some of my songs prefer female vocals, others male. Songs are on the sophisticated side, more suited for womenfolk to contribute to. But i am open to exploring with male members as well ofcourse if you are intrigued by this.

P.s. not just limited to the older music that is pre composed, open to improvising and giving space for collaborators and welcoming your styles as well.
Email :
(Pls add a nice subject) Danke :)
Working on an experimental guitar + electronic EP