Eugen Herbst
Sa., 14.05.2022 - 17:32

Singer for 70s Rock/Metal Project wanted!

I'm looking for a Singer in the vein of Beatles, Pink Floyd or Ghost! I play drums, bass and guitar and want to create a new project and did already some recordings for it. I would describe the music as mix of atmospheric Melotron parts, some Pink Floyd and Sabbath/Candlemass-fukking Doom Guitars! As you can see, I love the old music like the bands above and also love Heavy Metal, Doom and some Black Metal.

I'm 43 years old and originally from Berlin. I have a little studio, a rehearsal room and bunch of Band and Live Experience.

You also want to start something new? You have no Nu Metal oder Core Background? ;) Perfect! Don't hesitate and send me a message. Please write me some lines about you (Age, experience, links of your recordings or gigs etc.)

No beginners, politically activists,
narcissists and people who want to earn money with making music, please.:) Here it's just about Idealism and Glorification of good old Rock n 'Roll!
Singer for 70s Rock/Metal Project wanted!