Mo., 05.08.2019 - 21:30

Percussive fingerstyle guitarist willing to form a duet / full band!

Hey there!

My name is Jaime (28M). I have been playing guitar for 15 years now. Lately I have been focusing on percussive fingerstyle (John Butler, Jon Gomm, Newton Faulkner, that kind of playing), but I have always been a metalhead deep inside!

Some links for the impatient:

I moved to Berlin 4 months ago and I am looking for fellow musicians to jam, go to open mics, practice and have fun while playing! We can start playing covers, rearrangements or whatever and who knows, maybe we connect and start composing songs! I can sing a bit too (just enough for backing vocals), so I am mainly thinking of finding a great voice to form a duet and rehearse regularly.