Di., 01.12.2020 - 14:29
''Madame Bristenia'' is looking for a drummer
Hey potential bandmate! Yes, YOU!

We ''Madame Bristenia'' are looking for a capable drummer who masters his instrument in versatile genres, has good timing, grooves well and can play precisely on the point.
The musical spectrum ranges from alternative/indie/grunge to experimental/polyrhytmic stoner metal, so you should also have the highly experimental and even sometimes extremely aggressive approach to music. On the other hand also be able to take yourself back in quiet passages/songs and play quietly with feeling.
In other words, the ability to transform into different drummers would look really good on your resume. :)

We are a project that has been steadily developing for the second year and we plan to move confidently only forward.
The repertoire includes meanwhile approx.20 draft songs.
We are looking for not only a musician who aims at professional development with us, but also a soulmate, who feels on the same wavelength. Therefore, having a good attitude is more important than possessing all the skills.

You must be ready for the day when corona ends, so we have to start right now! :)

We rehearse in a fully equipped studio in Neukölln.

Our playlist with drafts from different time periods are available on Soundcloud page: https://soundcloud.com/tilarids/sets/madame-bristenia-draft-album

Feel free to get in touch with us! Contacts:

We are looking forward to your message!