Glint Eye
Mi., 29.07.2020 - 11:18

Looking for Singer / Instrumentalist (Dark, Noise, Electronic, Synth...)

Hi. I'm looking for a Singer with maybe some Instrumental and or Production experience.
I love dark music, with a lot of noise, distortion, but with layers / moments of nice stuff, like clean pianos, synth pads, etc.

I'm not very confident with singing or can't get myself to start, so i thought i'll try to look for someone who does like to sing :) .
I play a bit Keyboard, Piano, Synths and if got some knowledge in music theory and music production (with Ableton Live).

(Inspirations for me are artist like Lingua Ignota, The Body, Uboa, Pinkish Black, Menace Ruin, Anna von Hauswolff)

Communication in ENG or DE

Cheers Everyone