Di., 18.06.2024 - 08:47

Looking for guitarist, keyboard player or producer for indie project

Hi! I’m Llela, looking for musicians who would like to join my project and compose/produce music together! I write songs, play the piano, guitar and sing. The style is indie synth pop rock with a mix of basically all other genres, musical influences are e.g. The Wombats, Sigrid, Cro. Check out this (awesome) playlist to get an idea: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4sSCa33nxeIVPgQbo1PrML?si=1ae61fea7420453e

The goal is to turn the songs I (we) write into magic (songs) that can be produced & put on Spotify, either through jamming or directly in a daw, and also play some live – & see where we take it from there.
Ideal would be to end up with 3 people.

Musically, I like to create diverse sounds but really love instrumentally rhythmic, deep hitting & stuff that makes you feel like flying.
The lyrics are pretty important to me, it’s basically philosophy in a song, sometimes more poppy, sometimes more weird (with a minimum weirdness as a base line). You can get an idea here: https://soundcloud.com/outside-our-cave/sets/favs, and find more of my stuff here: https://linktr.ee/llela, to see if that excites you!

On a personal level I think we’d be a great match if you’re decently organized, self-driven and can follow through on things!
I’ve performed live & produced music with people multiple times before

If you’re interested text me, ideally show me some of your stuff, and if it vibes let’s meet and test-jam!
Looking for guitarist, keyboard player or producer for indie project