Fr., 08.09.2023 - 16:33

Looking for Drummer and Bassist for trio band

Hi , I'm Washi (m) and I play guitar and sing.
I'm looking for people to form a band. People who want to compose new songs , record in a studio and play live.
Intermediate level of skills is enough , more important is creativity and enthusiasm .
I play different styles like : funk , Electronic , Rock ,dark wave and psychedelic rock and that's the proposal ,not to stay stuck on one type of sound only.
I listen to : The Kills ,NIN , Refused ,The Cure, Lady Gaga , The Prodigy , Daft Punk , Depeche Mode, Warpaint .
Please check some of the stuff I've done on the link below before replying , like that we know we're on the same mindset.
Looking for Drummer and Bassist for trio band