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Looking for a Co-Performer - post-punk/80’s new wave

I'm Looking for a Co-Performer: Are You Tired of Performing Solo Too?
I have been in Berlin for 5 years performing mostly as an acoustic Singer - Songwriter but, I have evolved my sound. My new sound is more mixture of post-punk/80’s new wave and electronic dance.  Put another way, imagine if Erasure had a baby with Annie Lennox  with the cool aunt being PJ Harvey and the cool uncle being New Order.

My new sound does not work solo and I would like to find a co-performer(s) who is/are in a similar position: An act that needs more fore live support. This is more than forming a “band”, it is about growing professionally as independent musicians and making a go of it. Some may call this “collaboration” but my approach to collaboration is a bit different.

I have worked with another musician (Matthew Presidente) in the past but, unfortunately they are in Canada. Like myself he is also a lead / independent musician with his own catalogue. What we did is when I had a show he would back me (keys and backing vox), when he had a show I would back him (guitar and backing vox). We have also written and recorded some songs together (PRO registered) and we help each other out with our respective independent projects. We often would do a show with each performing a full set locking in a full night. I am hoping to find a “co-performer” here in Berlin that I can build a similar relationship.

What am I looking for:
I am looking for somebody who can bring keys and backing vocals to the stage with me. Performances would also include some backing track support (drums/beats and bass lines). I would also what to have somebody to work with for writing and developing songs. In regards to writing, any songs fully written together would have share of ownership registered with respective PRO’s. Obviously we need to have sounds that complement each other.

About you:
You are an independent musician and you have been at this for a while. You have a good catalogue and you want to take your performances to the next level. You are passionate about music, comfortable on stage and are committed to try and make some money as an independent musician. I am open to whomever you are but you must be LGBTQ+ positive. You should also be available to tour the EU and UK.

About Me
I can bring to the stage: Vocals (lead and backing), acoustic and electric guitars, keys, synths, bass, drums (programmed and live drums) and Ableton (w/ a Push). I have released music and I have an extensive catalog of originals I am working on releasing. I am fully equipped for live and studio and I am ready, willing and able to tour. My partner is my manager, studio and live engineer.

There is lots about me on my website
with links to music and videos and contact info. My two most recent releases “Love Machine” and “Leather and Love” well represent my direction and style. For the songs I performed all parts except the synth pads ( and backing vox) that were by my dear friend Matthew Presidente.



Hopefully I have piqued your interest and I look forward to hearing from you. I have a live acoustic show on Saturday March 11 (details are on my website), maybe you can drop by and we can get to know each other.

Looking for a Co-Performer - post-punk/80’s new wave