Fr., 06.11.2020 - 20:15
Jazz drummer seeking bass and electric piano for some small gigs and eventual studio work..
Well we all know things are kind of nuts at the moment but I'm trying to for a nimble little trio based on playing reworked standards and free form pieces around agreed upon forms..
Im a master drummer and have quite a bit of touring and studio experience and am seeking players who are really cool as far as balanced in nature and respect for themselves and each other..We would do some small casual gatherings and take it up when things open up..
You don't have to have some lengthy resume or CV and i just mentioned my experience to assure you that I am serious about getting something off the ground and moving.Also if you have any contacts and want to share in the process of course that is appreciated and welcome;-)
I say we start with some socially distanced coffee and talk music and see what we think.
It would be good if you would have the ability to learn some standards and feel comfortable with soling within a jazz, pocket,and open framework fast and slow from bop to ballads and everything in between
Looking forward to hearing from you and keep safe!!!;-)