Do., 25.03.2021 - 11:48

guitarist: (death)-metal band wanted m47,

hey there, m47, German native speaking, but engl. would go :)
w/own stuff for making it loud.
Searching for a (death)metal band, with concept, songs and co.
i like the groovy rolling stuff like BoltThrower, Memoriam, AmonAmarth, SixFeetUnder, Orbituary and stuff like that.

pls no shredding and speed competitions. Over 25ys experience on stage, studio, touring.
see my backhistory on
i am looking for an "semi-amateur/pro" band with ambitions, I am able to rehearse 1x week or more if necessary. Meanwhile short-haired but still metal :=) contact me

guitarist: (death)-metal band wanted m47,