Mi., 30.12.2020 - 14:30
emoviolence / emotive hardcore punk vocalist searching for band
*i am a vocalist, but also play other instruments, looking to join a band, or meet other musicians who want to play in an emoviolence / hardcore punk band*

hi, i am a musician who moved to berlin a couple years ago, in my mid 20s, and have plenty of experience being a vocalist of different hardcore bands, from metalcore, melodic hardcore, to heavy hardcore. i am looking to find musicians who have a similar passion for a bit of the more emotional side to hardcore and emoviolence/screamo, similar to bands you could find on the 'miss the stars fest' lineup. i take influence from emoviolence bands like beau navire, raein, suis la lune, the saddest landscape, state faults, but i also am a fan of hardcore, and take influence from bands like portayal of guilt, soul glo, gulch, vein, even converge and touche amore. if making music similar to any of these bands sounds like something you would be interested in, send me a message and we can talk about what seems possible, especially now that the music industry doesn't exist right now because of corona. i have some solo stuff that i played every instrument for, and can send you if you'd like. i plan on taking music very seriously and hope to continue playing shows and touring when possible again, but i also don't mind just making friends with similar musical interests as me, so no matter what your intentions are, feel free to reach out.