Sa., 10.10.2020 - 21:52

Ce ci n'est pas une band!

At this point, it's not even a project.
It's mostly just a 40ish guitarist trying to work a couple of songs out of his system.
So, I've "written" a couple of moody alternative-metal rock songs, a good deal of distortion and chunky drums, but also a focus on, and I hate using that word, but I'm afraid it fits here, melancholic melodies, and for some reason I think they'd go great with female* RnB/soul vocals?
I have more or less fleshed out homemade demos for a handful of songs, I've written lyrics for some of them, but nothing's set in stone and I am more than happy to defer that part to someone who actually knows what they're doing.
Now I'm looking for a singer who is interested in experimenting a bit across genre boundaries, and see what sticks. And *if* this should turn out to work, and/or be fun, I know a drummer and a bass player who I could pressure into joining, but for the time being, I am just really curious if we could turn these *ideas* into *songs*
You can find some snippets here:
If any of this has piqued your interest, by all means, hit me up and let's trade ideas!
Ce ci n'est pas une band!