Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
Room 5 - Basic
rehearsal studio to rent
Room 5 (Double Drums)
17 sqm
3 people

Welcome to our basic room 5, which is perfect for small bands, single musicians and drum lessons. Here you can prepare for your next gig, just jam or for example hone your drumming skills. Good to know we have special rates for single musicians if you book on the same day.

More info:

  • Transistor bass and guitar amps
  • All drum sets are equipped with hi-hat and ride cymbals (crash cymbals can be rented for a fee)
  • Yamaha PA system with 16 channel mixer
  • Microphones and cables can be easily rented at the reception desk
  • Free Wifi
  • Double drum for drum lessons and shed sessions


Orange CR60
EBS Magni 500-115
Yamaha MG16XU + 2xDBR12
Yamaha Live Custom 22/10/12/16/14SN
Yamaha Stage Custom 20/10/12/14/14SN

Rent rehearsal studio Room 5 (Double Drums)

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