noisy Rooms #19
Room 19 - DJ
Pioneer DJM900 NXS2
Room 19 - DJ
Pioneer CDJ2000NX2
noisy DJ room #19
rehearsal studio to rent
Room 19
15 sqm
1-3 people

Welcome to our DJ studio. Here you can perfect your sets on high-quality equipment. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, our DJ room is perfect for all lovers of electronic dance music.

In all DJ rooms you can easily stream your DJ set live. Just bring your laptop, webcam and get started. Including free Wifi. Additional DJ controllers can be rented on request.

2x Pioneer CDJ2000NX2
1 x Allen&Heath XOne 96 (Traktor, Serato ready)
2 x Pioneer PLX500 record player
Yamaha DBR-12
1 x Yamaha DBR-12

Rent rehearsal studio Room 19

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