Tue, 11/15/2022 - 15:35

Bassist looking for psychedelic rock project

im (Bass player 40 but look younger, lol) looking for other musicians to form a new project. I love music and looking for likeminded people to first jam and then create something good. I enjoy heavy music so i play with pick and with some Fuzz/distortions sometimes but overall is good if different influences from you guys emerge into something new. If i would name one band i would like aiming direction, it would be pink floyd, without being nailed to this. Ideally a clash between old and modern music. Im experienced over 10 years, live and studio. Im still not pro so you dont have to be eithr but a little skill would be nice.
If someone is interested pls send me a msg.
Cheers Joe
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Bassist looking for psychedelic rock project