Wed, 06/29/2022 - 16:15

Warsaw Electric are search for a Bassist

We are Warsaw Electric (find us on Spotify).

We are a 2/3 year old band that's just finished recording a 5 song EP that will be on Spotify in the coming weeks. We will be looking to start gigging after this. Our sound is difficult for me to describe but I we will send some of our recording studio drafts to give an idea. I would say our key influences are Turnstile, Movements, Biffy Clyro, Deftones and Boston Manor. We are a 4 piece (with you included) including myself on guitar, a drummer and a professional female vocalist.

Our bassist has recently returned to Canada for personal reasons with no plan in the near future to return.

We are looking for a new Bassist that is:
1. Any gender
2. Ideally between the ages of 20-40
3. Enjoys rock and heavy rock music
4. Likes drinking beer outside of Späti's after practice ;)
5. Has experience with home recording and DAW
6. Is willing to learn 10-15 of our original songs before we continue writing new ones
7. DOES NOT plan on leaving Berlin in the next 2 years
8. Is chill but also very commited and able to practice 1/2 a week
9. Has ambition to start gigging and willing to commit time to the process outside of practice

We are an english speaking band so that also helps :)

If you are interested to hear more then reach out to me at +491622471288
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Warsaw Electric are search for a Bassist