Thu, 03/07/2024 - 18:38

Synths/guitar looking for metal and or electronic experiment

(German available). Hey there I’m looking for a band or a person(or two) to play with for fun but also professionally. I already have a couple of personal music project by myself in electronic music. Since I’m also a guitarist (/synths enthusiast) and a metalhead it would be cool to share my passion in different directions with other music enthusiasts. So this ad is not only for electronic/techno/experimental music but also for metal/psyrock/grunge. Experimenting between the two areas would be great.
Im a fan of meshuggah, gojira, tool, arch enemy and so on plus all the classics of course. But I listen to everything cool (from Pink Floyd, Radiohead, archive, godisanastronaut, depechemode to Chopin, etc..). Plus of course (proper) techno and electronic.? I like to jam and experiment. So it’s good to keep an open mind (it depends, if we wanna bang with trash metal that’s also ok but maybe a little experimental/electronic is better). I guess is possible to meet in a music furnished flat as well or rent a place.or my place. And see how it goes. If anyone is interested just write me.
My electronic music project:
@j.sintax and @sharedframe www.sharedframe.eu
Ps: if you’re a video maker/director get in touch with SharedFrame immediately!

See you soon

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Synths/guitar looking for metal and or electronic experiment