Tue, 02/28/2023 - 15:31

For Songwriters/ Vocalists working on an EP/Album

Are you working on an Ep/Album with vocals? Are you wanting to (or perhaps struggling to) craft the best vocal performance for your songs? I'm a vocal coach for artists and I've been in that position so I can definitely help you!
I'm a Berlin-based recording vocalist and have tons of tips and tricks to share with you so you get the vocal takes you want! Vocal lessons aren't enough when working on a project. You also need a clear approach to what your melody is asking for and what your voice can do for it! When you have a vision but no perspective, you need direction and that's where I can help.

If this ressonates with you, lets connect!

My whatsapp is +18572614064.
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For Songwriters/ Vocalists working on an EP/Album