Sun, 11/12/2023 - 12:23

Singer looking for Band / Musicians (Guitarist / Pianist)

Hello, am Leela, a passionate vocalist (25 years), I recently relocated to the eclectic city of Berlin to pursue my studies. Armed with a diverse musical palette, I am on the lookout for a band or musician with whom I can collaborate. Influenced by pop, jazz, blues, country, and Adult Contemporary, I also love to bring a unique fusion of Western and Eastern musical elements to the table.

With a love for the traditional roots of rock and a deep connection to Hindustani and Karnatic vocals, am a versatile artist ready to infuse any musical project with rich and dynamic sound. I am seeking kindred spirits to join forces and create something truly extraordinary. My musical aspirations are as diverse as the genres I adore, excited to embark on a sonic adventure in the heart of Berlin.

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Singer looking for Band / Musicians (Guitarist / Pianist)