Ivan Starling
Mon, 03/06/2023 - 22:32

Putting together a psych-garage-punk band!

Hey everyone!

I’m Ivan and I mainly play guitar/sing and compose. I played in a few psych-garage-punk bands back in Moscow with a main being Ministry of Flowers. We played countless gigs and even toured the european part of Russia a few times. I also have studio recording experience with a few bands (names might not tell you much but here they are: Ministry of Flowers, Inverse Perspective, Mystic Brew, Incredible Doppelganger’s Pills, Kovriolet).

I’m looking for people with a punkish attitude but a real passion for music. That means recording, doing live shows etc. I need some people who can rehearse at least 1 time a week. Ideally, you are also a frequent concert goer and dig other arts as well.

I really dig Berlin punk/garage scene and I believe my music would be a worthy addition to that scene.

I’ve compiled some songs I recorded alone that we can use for the start:

And here’s my previous band, Ministry of Flowers:

A few vids of Ministry of Flowers live:
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Putting together a psych-garage-punk band!