Lex E.
Thu, 06/03/2021 - 18:16

Nucore Band in need of a Bassist

Good day, I (Bassist) Alex of my Nucore band defKon-1 will be leaving to go back to the US do to financial complications.
So the band (Guitarist, Vocalist, Drummer) will be needing a replacement Bassist. We were about to drop an EP with 2 songs left unfinished that I unfortunately will not have the time to help finish, we have a total of 7 including the 2 unfinshed.
We play in Drop B and have no practice place currently, but if interested; our influences are Slipknot, Alpha Wolf and Darknet
Please contact my Guitarist Jonas
We speak German and English fluently. Tabs are available through him. See you soon! Best regards, Alex
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Nucore Band in need of a Bassist