Tue, 12/14/2021 - 15:33

Musician looking for (pop?)Producer.

Hi Peeps,
I'll be real, as a Composer i suck at anything with recording. My vocals sound trash and my drums sound even worse. Everything i record just feels like a massively compressed piece of poop.
SO as somebody studied composition who recently moved to berlin and has no idea of anything or know any producers here im looking to find someone who wants to help me turn my demo's into something a little less non-shit that i'd be content releasing into the world in my endeavor for "Mediocre pop so-so-ness".
Heres a link to some demos i recorded:
you can email me at: or @Tisjeboiboi.
or i guess respond to this thing if thats how it works?

have a wonderful day! :)
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Musician looking for (pop?)Producer.