Fri, 03/18/2022 - 17:56

Looking for DRUMMER to play punk/ rock

I am looking for a drummer to play punk / rock with in Berlin. Im 33, play guitar and sing.

Mostly I’d like to play with a band and have fun.

I’d like to get a short set list together and start playing shows ASAP and then maybe see what happens from there.

Finished a demo last year:

And have been collecting ideas this year
I am looking to develop these and flesh them out to make a quick and dirty set list and start playing.

I have a friend who plays bass and said he’d play so mostly looking for a drummer. Maybe later it would be nice to add another guitarist.

If interested I’d love to just get in a room and play together. I miss playing loud in a room with a real drummer.

I’m a friendly punk so if interested send me a message :)

WhatsApp / telegram / signal:
+49 163 9647254
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Looking for DRUMMER to play punk/ rock