Simulated Youth
Sun, 09/17/2023 - 22:57

Join my band: original pop/dance/hiphop with emotional vibe

Hey 👋 I recently moved to Germany for a new job from out of country. I’m living in Braunschweig but it’s easy to go to Berlin every weekend by train. My music is all original pop/hip-hop/dance (Simulated Youth is my performance name). Some songs have a dark edgy vibe, and others are totally goofy. When I perform I do live drumming and also live vocals for some of the songs. But most of my songs feature female singers, so I always need to perform with backing track.

I’m sure my music is one-of-a-kind but I haven’t been able to have any organic growth in 3 years of trying lol….. Now that I’m in Germany, I want to form a band and see if that’s the missing piece of the puzzle 😈 “strength in numbers” as they say

Here’s a live concert demo I recently made:

Click through that and see if you like my vibe… I’m looking for:

-Female singer (mostly pop style but also should be comfortable to rap in a few songs)

-Keyboard player (to play some of the lead synths live)

-Maybe a 4th member, not sure what they could be but it should be something mobile (like a violin) so they can move around and create some dynamic movement on stage along with the singer

I always used “hype men” on stage with me, but if I have an actual band that won’t be necessary 😂

If you can fill one of the above roles and you like my vibe, we should definitely talk. But another big factor is being able to speak German and helping to network to different clubs/music venues, which is something I am unable to do as I don’t speak German yet!

Anyway, if this interests you, we can discuss more,
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Join my band: original pop/dance/hiphop with emotional vibe