Thu, 08/13/2020 - 15:51


Good day!my name is erin
i've been writing and producing music ever since I was 11 years old and because of this pandemic,I cannot perform live and meet new people to communicate with and write songs with..currently.
but well I got an idea,and I would like to create my own band and communicate with the band members and perform online or live after this pandemic.
so what band members am I specifically looking for?:
1.i'm looking for band members that are 14-17 years old as I'm a teenager too and would like to create a teen band temporarily.
(you can check out my facebook profile here,if you want proof that I'm a teen and not a pedo:
2.i'm looking for band members that loves performing songs for kids (take Jackson 5 as an example) and would participate to write songs or contribute in the band.
(this is applicable for those people living in my country only)
3.i'm looking for band members internationally and locally,if you pass the audition as a band member,we will be writing songs and produce music online.
4.I'm looking for a vocalist,a songwriter, a guitarist,a drummer.
so where should I send my audition entry for this band?
- you can send the audition entry either facebook or gmail.
what genres are you looking for?
- i'm looking for band members who can do pop,alternative rock,soft rock,jazz,dubstep,and musical genre
if you want to know what genres I do,feel free to listen here:
just wanna remind that joining this band will not guarantee payment in return as we are only doing this for the passion.
and I already have a set of songs that I've produced and written so feel free to message me in my inbox if you wanna listen to it.
thanks and have a good day!
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