Lemon Eye
Tue, 09/12/2023 - 21:54

Indie band looking for a drummer

Well hello musicians of Berlin! We are LEMON EYE, a super international Indie-Rock/Pop band, currently looking for a new DRUMMER. We consist of 2 guitars, 2 vocals, bass and our secret weapon: the cello. Our music is influenced by all kinds of genres from Rock, Pop and Indie to Funk, RnB as well as chamber-pop. While our first few releases were all in the realm of Indie/Pop, many of our other songs go into more funky, groovy, edgy and especially rock territory, which means that we are looking for a drummer with a lot dynamic range, someone who is able to rock hard but also nail some soulful and sexy grooves. Most importantly, we want someone disciplined who will also add their own creativity and personality to our project.

We’ve been playing together for around 2 years now. In that time, we’ve managed to develop a setlist of more than a dozen original songs, played a few live shows in and around Berlin, and released our first 3 singles. You can check us out right here:

We are looking for someone passionate and reliable, who can rehearse (at least) once a week and takes the project as seriously as we do. If you are interested leave us a message and tell us a bit about yourself.
Looking forward to your texts!
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Indie band looking for a drummer