Tue, 04/02/2024 - 01:14

Guitatist is looking for a band in Berlin

Hi there! My name is Pavel. I am a musician who plays guitar professionally. In addition, I graduated from a music school with guitar and piano. I work as IT enginner, but do want to make music not only the hobby.

As a musician I have played at big venues as a support act for Kodaline and Seafret, festivals, tours and organized a solo concert for my former band. I have recently moved to Berlin and I am looking for a band for future performances and to expand my contacts here. I listen to and play a variety of music from synth-pop to rock and indie-pop. I'm looking for fellows to play with, making music and participate in gigs.

I have necessary equipment for rehersals: Gibson LP and M-Audio Oxygen Pro 69. Moreover, I speak English, but German is a work in progress :)
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Guitatist is looking for a band in Berlin