Sun, 06/09/2024 - 11:14

Guitarist/singer looking to start Post/Noise rock band

Hi ! I'm 32, french and relatively new in Berlin. I've been playing guitar for 20 years and gigs for 15 years. I'm looking to start a post/noise rock band and looking for a bass player and a drummer ! If you like King Crimson, Russian Circles, Boris, Slint, Toe ... and bonus points if you know the french noise rock scene from early 2010's (Pneu, Papier Tigre ...) then we can maybe be buddies first, and hopefully start making some good music. I also like classic and prog rock, thrash metal, modern hip hop, fusion, pop ... if the music's good, it's good =) .
I have all my gear with me in Berlin, I'm no Tim Henson but I'm a solid player and really enjoy collaborative composition. The last band in France I played in was a four piece instrumental prog/post band called Priape (on spotify, album name : Vroum). I also have a decent home studio experience so I can help to record DIY but good sounding demos.
Hope to reach some people and looking forward to meet and make some noise !
p.s. : also I'd like to know if there are some good places in the city to listen to some of those styles mentioned live ? Cheers !
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Guitarist/singer looking to start Post/Noise rock band