Mon, 09/18/2023 - 13:57

Experienced Metal Drummer

I am an experienced Metal Drummer from USA.I have been playing for about 20 years and have been playing live since I was 15. (33 now)
Started with 80s hair, Thrash and have now been predominantly playing BDM/Tech Death Metal for the last 13 years.
Influences are all over but pertain mostly to stuff like Deicide, Suffocation Dying Fetus, Morbid Angel, Putridity, Molested Divinty, Inveracity, Wormed, Old Man's Child, Cephalic Carnage.
I have a rehearsal spot and am currently looking for like minded individuals or a band with like minded interests.
Shoot me a message if this seems fitting and we can go from there.
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Experienced Metal Drummer