Fri, 05/05/2023 - 22:33

DRUMMER WANTED for Heavy Psych/Stoner/Metal band

We are looking for a Berlin-based drummer to join our band Icarus Burns.

Our influences are across Heavy-Psych, Stoner, Doom, Metal, Progressive, Grunge and if you like bands such as Rotor, King Buffalo, Dozer, GAUPA, Tool, etc then you’re probably a great fit.

You can find us on the usual Socials:
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We all have day jobs, we do meet 2 times per week for rehearsals and song-writing at our rehearsal space in Lichtenberg, with an expectation to gig in Berlin/Germany. We’re also planning on getting to the studio to record an album later in the year as we have a bunch of new material were working on.

If you’re interested then please get in touch.
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DRUMMER WANTED for Heavy Psych/Stoner/Metal band