Fri, 04/30/2021 - 15:15

DRUMMER Wanted (metalish project)

Looking for an experienced drummer (capable of blast beats; double pedal would also be nice) willing to integrate this metalish project (link below). I have 7 songs w/ lyrics done and the aim is to brought them up as a band, in order to studio recording and probably to do some gigs.

The project's name, "Les Enfants Perdus", was taken from Guy Debord's book "The Society of the Spectacle", one of the greatest works of critical theory.

Musically, I'd say I see distortion mostly as representative of the message rather than genre. That said, I'm not looking necessarily for metalheads but mostly for skilled and creative musicians that appreciate playing non-traditional metal and, above all, that relate to far-left/post-political views. Check the link below for some lousily performed rehearsals, enough though to get an idea of the sound.

In case you get in touch, PLEASE, add material of you playing. Thanks!


Best regards!
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DRUMMER Wanted (metalish project)