Sat, 11/04/2023 - 23:08

Singer/Songwriter(25) looking for a band (guitar,drums,bass,keys)

Hey people!
I'm a singer/songwriter and I also play some guitar and ukulele. I'm looking for a band, so bass, guitar and drums, keys. But the more the merrier! Hit me up if you think we can vibe.
I want to work on my own songs with the band but I also like doing covers (with a twist)
If you're from SWANA or like our music, even better! I would love to add some traditional melodies to my sound. (I write my songs in English and Turkish, but I can also sing in Kurdish)

I have been in two different bands before, one was alternative Turkish rock and the other was all girls punk band. The music I write travels between indie folk and indie rock. But I'm happy to explore.

You can check out my covers on my soundcloud page:

I also released a single recently:

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Singer/Songwriter(25) looking for a band (guitar,drums,bass,keys)