Becci Kohlfeld
Mon, 07/12/2021 - 14:21

Looking for FLINTA Live drummer for a Riot Grrrl project

Heya everyone!

We're a Riot Grrrl band from Berlin and we're looking for a FLINTA live drummer at the moment, who we can go on a tour with after the pandemic.

We have a full live set ready and we're in the middle of recording/ releasing and we'd like to shoot some music videos soon, but also get tight at the same time, so we can go back to start playing shows in September when hopefully a majority of people will be vaccinated.

We practice twice a week (once in Kreuzberg and once in Neukölln) and we'd be happy for you to join us for one of these weekly practices. You don't have to own your own drumset, but it would be great if you had extra cymbals you could bring (and if we decide to play together long-term, store them in our practice space, so you wouldn't have to carry them back and forth for every practice)

Feeling comfortable behind the drums is a must and we don't expect you to be a total pro, but we'd also prefer you to not be a complete beginner, as we're looking for someone willing to go on tour with us and thus you need to be somewhat confident of your own skills.

Have a great week when reading this! We are stoked to hear from you soon.
Kick ass riot grrrl hugz!

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Looking for FLINTA Live drummer for a Riot Grrrl project