Mon, 07/11/2022 - 11:23

Looking for Female Singer

We are looking for a female singer/vocalist for collaboration with our band "Silky Psyche".

When: as soon as possible
Our style: trip-hop / new-prog / indie-rock / shoegaze

Please note that we have several songs written and the range and color of vocal style are set already, therefore, there will be not much room for “big changes” , yet, small adjustments are welcome, depending on your level of creativity.

What we will do together:
- Rehearsing our newest and also older songs for live performances
- Participating in our live performance for video recording (coming up soon)
- Future public live performances
- Studio recordings for new songs

We are easy to work with and you will enjoy every session, nonetheless, our sessions are competence and we are after result. Both experienced and amateur artists are welcome to send us some of their works or singing samples along with a little information about themselves to

Note: It would be helpful for you to listen to some of our published songs to see if you like what we do and if you can more or less adapt to the style.

cheers and bis bald :)
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Looking for Female Singer