Wed, 08/03/2022 - 20:14

Looking for Drummer (f//x/m) and Bassist (f//x/m)


I'm Washi a guitar player/singer and I'm looking for a Drummer and a bassist to form a trio. I think that someone who can play on an intermediate level and above would suit (I'm not much keen on musos ).
Ideally you would NOT be anybody who is influenced by prog rock or stoner rock , but rather someone who has a taste for pop and dark electronic music .
The goal is to compose , record , gig and repeat.
I compose and play on different styles (dark, funk , pop ,psychedelic ) and you can check here
Please , please , just contact after you checked some songs and liked so we both don't spend time in vain.

Hope to hear you soon , have an awesome day
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Looking for Drummer (f//x/m) and Bassist (f//x/m)