Fri, 05/13/2022 - 21:27

Looking for Bass & Drums - Post Punk/Noise Rock, Semipro

Hello everyone,

I'm currently looking to put together a new band for playing gigs around Berlin and Germany.
Due to the pandemic, I spent the last two years doing the Trent Reznor/Prince thing (i.e. writing, recording and producing alone) and am in desperate need of some like minded individuals to rehearse and play gigs with. New material is in the style of Post Punk/Alternative (+trip hop, shoegaze, noise rock) with zero limitations in terms of how hard or pop things get.

Have a listen to the old stuff here (or on Youtube, Spotify etc.):
Previous band:

German/English both work, Polish as well. Rehearsal at Noisy or Supersessions, ideally once to twice a week - the goal is to get back on stage & into action. Drop me a line if interested!
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Looking for Bass & Drums - Post Punk/Noise Rock, Semipro