Thu, 10/21/2021 - 17:57

Indie/New Wave/P-P band/Dark Wave (looking for 20-25)

Hey all,
I'm still looking for fellow musicians to start an Indie/New Wave/P-P band/Dark Wave. I play guitar and can sing a little too. So ideally you play guitar/bass/drums or solely want to sing.
I obviously don't want to predetermine the genre or its limits. I like dark, atmospheric, heavy, groovy music that you can vibe, mosh, shout and dance to.

I love dark/atmospheric artists such as Soft Kill, Death Bells, Molchat Doma, punky stuff like IDLES, Pixies, Strokes quirky stuff like Black Country New Road, Black Midi...

Ideally you're somewhere between 20-25 listen to the mentioned stuff and speak German and English, I would love to write stuff in both or mixed...

Hit me up! ( or WA: 0160 1220001
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Indie/New Wave/P-P band/Dark Wave (looking for 20-25)