Mon, 05/31/2021 - 15:10

Guitarist looking for cool Rockband to

Guitarist with several years of experience looking for Rockband, I like the whole Henrix/Chili Peppers line of sounds but also mixing in Electro and some FX. Latin and Spacey attitudes have mixed in aswell. And the whole 80s Toto- or for the spanish speakers Caifanes-sound has caught my attention :) Anything along these lines would catch my attention a lot :)

I'm interested in playing/rehearsing regularly and performing live. Kinda invisioning the classic combo of Vocals/Bass/Keys/Drums/Guitar here, but anything goes. Both up for building up something from scratch or joining an existing project. I'm 35 y/o - young and wild at heart.

Hit me up if you want to Jam to check out if we match, can also home record for you to get an idea of my sound.


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Guitarist looking for cool Rockband to