Mi., 17.06.2020 - 18:15
Trash garage punk Singer M/F
Trash punk - garage band looking for M/F singer.

A bunch of compositions are ready... cramps-alike or dead kennedys or trash blues and even pub-rock kicking ass stuffs...

You come with your (not necessarily political but also no bullshit - in any case no sexist, homophobic nor fash tendencies) lyrics, a cool and cooperative attitude (we mean no poser egotic idiots nor drug freak). Singing in other langange than english or german would be perfect but not mandatory... we had ´til now a spanish vocalist.

You can play harmonica or even keyboard ? Wow how cool !

We have our own room and it costs 35€/month each. Feel like having fun and make big noise with us ?
Feel free to get in touch !!
Cheers :)