Sa., 09.10.2021 - 21:59

Female Singer wanted

Hello everyone, i am looking for a female singer to build a Hip Hop, RnB, Pop (or everything inbetween)project.I am not limited to any genre and open for creative input.So normally i am working as a composer for film and as a sound engineer but i have lots of ideas so i want to have a project in addition.First goal should be,writing and recording new tracks so writing own lyrics is an essential skill.I have some contacts for releasing but first it should start as a non profit project.Fun comes first and everything else later when it´s going fine.So if anyone is interested just drop me a line I am looking forward to hear from you.But for gods sake please no people who have a problem with coming to my home.Beacause i am working from home since corona forced me to quit my studio rooms.I couldn´t pay the rent anymore.I am no creep.Some people have really crazy thoughts in their mind.I always thought musicians where more open minded.Okay but long story short,drop me a line if you can imagine to work with me.

Best regards
Female Singer wanted