Mo., 05.07.2021 - 21:14

Ambitious 27yo Guitarist/Singer looking to join/form rockband

Hi there,

ambitious 27yo guitarist/singer looking to either form or join a band.

My main jam is classic rock such as gnr, acdc, sabbath, led zeppelin, deep purple, stones

dig some heavier stuff such as soundgarden, alice, slayer, metallica, anthrax

and some newer stuff such as kaleo, khruangbin, fat freddys drop

not much into anything core though.

Even though my guitar skills are further developed than my vocals I´m working hard on the latter at the mom, got a good amount of range, with a tenory timbre to it.

I´ve got quite a few tunes written already, if your into songwriting as well, that would be a bonus, my favourite bands tend to consist of everyone participating in songwriting.

I´d either like to join/form a power trio or a four piece.

Ideally you would be somewhere between 20 and 30ish, hard working, dedicated and establish something for the long run.

Don´t be shy and hit me up.

phone nmbr: 0176 712 335 81

cheers :)
Ambitious 27yo Guitarist/Singer looking to join/form rockband